Track the most important asset. Know where your students are at all times. Our Fleet management system integrates directly with the RFTags to always be able to track students time on and off the bus with accuracy.


An RFID transmitter is placed inside of the students backpack and send data to an active RFID receiver. Data includes driver behavior, GPS locations, IO and engine diagnostics. Once the receiver has linked to the RFID, the system registers ID information, time and location to ensure precise and accurate information. Once the student is off the bus and the server no longer is registered with the students tracker, time and location are recorded again. Bus locations and list of students in the bus are in real time reports. RFTags provide recorded information of the students time on the bus without action required by the student.
The RFID reader is installed on the dashboard of the bus. Students are provided an RFID tag the side of a credit card with a key chain to attach where it is convenient. The date, time and location is scanned when student scanned the RFID tag to the Reader. All other functionalities resemble RFLinks.


Our temperature sensors offer the proper functionalities to ensure temperature sensitive products are fully monitored. Our GPS units offer full functionalities including: GPS tracking, IO driver behavior and engine diagnostics and fully support up to six digital temperature sensors that can be installed in different zones within a refrigerated truck or trailer.
The temperature sensors can draw scheduled reports or periodic reports when it senses a changing temperature reading. Our sensors can also be set to automatically turn on and off the refrigeration unit so that products are never damaged due to temperature issues.
A Piccolo Plus with RF Reader is installed in the cabin of the truck and RFTID are installed in each zone of trailer, each with internal and external temperature sensors. The RFID will send temperature data wirelessly every 30 seconds to the Piccolo Plus and analyze the data to route to the server and provide reports as needed.


Experience the power of GPS tracking and RFID tag power combined.
Our Piccolo Plus tracker is installed in every truck and the RFTag is placed on the container which sends GPS position, driver behavior and engine diagnostics to the Piccolo Plus wirelessly. Communications within the two devices range to up to 250 ft (70m) or shorter range if needed. With this technology you will know what asset was picked up and dropped off when and where and by what truck or driver. You are able to access the server with all of this data whenever youd like and can generate a report to view the last location of every container and how long it was parked at each place.

Passive RFID Tags

The functionality of this option is the same as above but with a shorter distance. A high powered Passive RFID Reader is installed in the truck and is connected to the Piccolo Plus also installed in the truck. The Passive RFID is installed to every container or asset. The range of communication between the reader and the tag is about 18ft (5.5)


Trailer, Container and Asset Tracking Solutions with the most powerful GPS technology.
Our GPS data is time stamped so that you know what is asset is where and with who at all times. Our solution combines RFID tags with the power of our Massona Tracker. The RF tag is placed on any container, trailer or asset that needs to be monitored. The RF tag sends data to the Massona tracker that goes to the server directly and this information can be accessed from anywhere for minute to minute updates on your assets.