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Real Time Live Tracking(GPS/GLONASS/GAULIO)
Vehicle maintenance And Service Monitoring
School Bus Tracking
Authorized Driving
Job Dispatching
IVMS (In Vehicle Monitoring System)
Temperature Monitoring
GCC & International Roaming Solution
boat & Yacht Tracking
Fuel Monitoring
Driver Indentification
Asset Tracking
Shift Monitoring
Customized tailored Solution
Generator Monitoring solution

Generator Monitoring solution

Pinobal offers a vendor-independent solution for remote management of generators. Customers face problems such as remote monitoring of the generator, fuel level monitoring, human dependency, the quality of grid power, capturing real time data, etc. The solution includes RMS, fuel sensors, power meters, temperature sensors and more enabling remote monitoring & control. Pinobal generator monitoring system is not only to monitor performance but also early diagnosis of developing problems such as battery drain, overheating e.t.c that they don’t advance to shut-down failures.

Wireless Fuel Level Sensor

Wireless Fuel Level Sensor The first wireless capacitive fuel level sensor on the market with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology! This isn't just another innovation. It's an evolutionary leap into the wireless future of transport telematics! It's never been easier to install a fuel monitoring system. Installing and configuring traditional fuel level sensors takes a long time. The lack of wires will finally eliminate the tedious, time-consuming and more costly process of laying cables through the entire vehicle system. No wires - no problem. Along with this, the risk of vandalism associated with interference with electrical wiring is eliminated. Moreover, the information on fuel is transferred to the control system as quickly, in the same volume and with the same accuracy as on wires. Just imagine how much time, effort and money you can now save!

Wireless Trailer Bed Identification solution

Perfect monitoring solution for a wide use in the cold chain logistics, freezers, refrigerators and other temperature sensitive cases. Sensor uses advanced Bluetooth 4.0 LE technology to get data from long distance, it can work from internal battery up to 5 years! Collected temperature information of the surrounding environment is transferred to FMB device which has possibility to support up to four temperature sensors at the same time!

Driver ID

HOW WE HELP HOW IT WORKS In many companies, vehicles in the fleet can be driven by different drivers, according to driver and vehicle availability. If that’s the case, you need a way of knowing immediately when drivers change, so that you can coordinate communications and register the trips executed by each driver. Situations like the one above can occur without automatic driver identification, especially with companies where optimization of fleet and personnel require frequent driver reassignment. If you need to keep track of which driver was assigned to any given trip, Frotcom’s Automatic Driver Identification is the solution you need.

Supply Chain Solution

The water resistant GL300A is designed for logistics companies to track shipments on third-party trucks. These third-party trucks do not allow full telematics product installations and require a battery powered product for easy installation and removal. The product contains built-in sensors for recording temperature, humidity and light levels, making the product ideal for monitoring perishable goods such as fruit, vaccines and pharmaceuticals in cold chain logistics. Its large and rechargeable battery allows the product to operate for ninety-five days while providing location updates in ten-minute intervals. Simply pass the product to the driver of the truck for fool-proof installation and no matter what orientation the product is placed, its front and rear internal GPS antennas allow reliable GPS positioning. Its built-in light sensor can also trigger alerts for tamper attempts. Drivers can place the product inside the refrigerated compartment and use the optional external GPS antenna to ensure accurate positioning.

Magnetic Trailerbed GPS solution

GPRS - Copy Remote Data Logging When No GSM. GPRS - Copy High Accuracy Internal Motion Sensor. GPRS - Copy Configuration and Firmware Upload (Fota & via Cable). GPRS - Copy Real-Time Tracking. GPRS - Copy Adapter For Charging. GPRS - Copy High Gain GPS/GSM Antenna. GPRS - Copy Magnetic Mounting. GPRS - Copy Internal Battery Operated. GPRS - Copy Tampering Alert.
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